Torno in Italia

I haven’t written my monthly post and July is over almost over. Mamma Mia! These days, it seems very difficult  to do everything that I would like to do. Non riesco a fare tutto pero’ provo da fare il meglio. I think my friend New York/Caribbean Ragazza would be proud of me for continuing to write no matter when I write on my blog.  I sure wish I was as remotely close to a good writer as she is; but it’s not my profession. I can’t wait to see her  Italia.  She’s been in Rome now more than a year and has made major progress in my opinion. It hasn’t always been easy but she’s living in Bella Italia. Come la invidio!!

Speaking of Italia: It’s that time of year again!! I’m gearing up for my trip to Italy. I have been so busy that I haven’t had a moment to think about my trip until now. Okay, where did the summer go?? I used to laugh when women older that were older than me would say My how time flies.” Sono d’accordo, come va il tempo!

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