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La Festa Della Donna

Posted in Italy, life, Missing Italy, people, travel on March 3, 2010 by Robin Eller

I just receive an invitation to attend an Event in Roma. It was a party for La Festa Della Donna = Women’s Day. I love it! Magari io fossi li`. Are there any other countries that have Women’s Day? I don’t know of it in the USA unless it’s Mother’s Day. On March 8th, Italy celebrates Woman’s Day. According to Andrea Nicosia and Justin Demetri, “The symbol of the day is yellow mimosa and expression of female solidarity. It was said to have been started after World War II. ”

That is one of the many special things about Italy, everyone can feel special in Italy and the kindness to strangers is like no other place I’ve been in the world. At least these have been my experiences for the past 7 years. To all of the wonderful women: VI AUGURO BUONA FESTA DELLA DONNA


Torno in Italia

Posted in Italy, Missing Italy, travels, vacation in Italy with tags , on July 26, 2009 by Robin Eller

I haven’t written my monthly post and July is over almost over. Mamma Mia! These days, it seems very difficult  to do everything that I would like to do. Non riesco a fare tutto pero’ provo da fare il meglio. I think my friend New York/Caribbean Ragazza would be proud of me for continuing to write no matter when I write on my blog.  I sure wish I was as remotely close to a good writer as she is; but it’s not my profession. I can’t wait to see her  Italia.  She’s been in Rome now more than a year and has made major progress in my opinion. It hasn’t always been easy but she’s living in Bella Italia. Come la invidio!!

Speaking of Italia: It’s that time of year again!! I’m gearing up for my trip to Italy. I have been so busy that I haven’t had a moment to think about my trip until now. Okay, where did the summer go?? I used to laugh when women older that were older than me would say My how time flies.” Sono d’accordo, come va il tempo!

Idle time…Idle thinking

Posted in Italy, life, sports on April 26, 2008 by Robin Eller

I slept in this morning until 9 am. Even my dog slept in. I’ve been getting up early every Saturday morning for a 9:30 appointment. I don’t have to anymore. Yeah! It was so nice to sleep in but now I’m so lazy that I don’t want to do a thing on such a gorgeous day. I spoke to my friend in Rome this morning. It seems as if she’s been gone much longer than a month. I could hear contentment in her voice; something I haven’t heard in a long time until she made the decision to move to Italy. It’s no question that Italy is magical if the heart is open for that kind of joy.

Now I’m trying to decide when do I want to make my trip to Italia. I will definitely go between September and October. Of course my representation might be a little angry for my choice of time to go to Italy. Things tend to start up again in the land of television. But I only have one life to live. Besides, I’m trying to create work in other places and not limit myself to just L.A. I was told by a few people to refrain from coming to Italy in November again. I enjoyed seeing the beautiful leaves in the Fall; however my Italian friends seemed to be incredibly busy with work in November to enjoy the colors that surrounded them as I was free to do. I didn’t mind that everyone was busy because we made the most of the time we did have together. I’m told that business slows down in December so Italians are cramming everything in business-wise before shutting down for the Christmas holidays.

The NBA playoffs started and being the big sports fan that I am; I could sit in front of the TV this entire day and watch the games. I know that if I get caught up in good game, I will NEVER get anything done. Truth is, I don’t feel like doing anything so perhaps I’ll just listen to my body and just do….nothing. Oh here comes Guido Panini (photo) wanting to go out again for a walk. Now here’s something I will have to do….take the dog for a walk. We won’t be outside very long. It’s too hot and my dog hates the heat.