An Actor and the theater….

I remember when I got my Equity Card. Actor’s Equity = The labor union representing American Actors and stage managers in theater. The other day, I receive my updated membership card.  The card was attached to these eloquent words written by  the late Robert Prosky (1930-2008).  I was inspired and reminded of a few of  many incredible experiences from being on stage. The memories came to my mind like an old movie projector but in color of course! 🙂  I found myself thinking about the dearest friends I have in my life as a result of our sharing the stage. THANK YOU ROBERT PROSKY!! I needed a little reminder.  May you continue to celebrate the “sacred communion…”   on the other side. Thank you Actors’ Equity for putting sharing these words at an appropriate time.

I share with these words with my fellow actors and/or friends and family who ever wondered, “Why does she do this?” 

“I love Actors and by extension the theater. I love the minutia that surrounds them both. I love listening and telling Green Room war stories. I love the onstage triumph and yes I love even the disasters. I love the adrenaline that shoots thru every Actor onstage when something goes wrong, and the relief that sweeps thru when some heroic Actor saves the day.  I love performance. That time when the human beings onstage interact with the human beings in the audience and together they create the event of the performance. It’s one of life’s most civilized experiences. 

It has been said that an Actor must have the hide of rhinoceros, the courage and audacity of a lion and most importantly, the fragile vulnerability of an egg. It also has been said and I’m not sure by whom, that the moment of not knowing is the moment that has the greatest potential for creativity.  The professional and private lives of most Actors are filled to the brim with moments of not knowing. Actors are survivors and will continue to strive because the have the need to celebrate, in performance, that sacred communion between Actor and audience. ”     Che profundo! 

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  1. Robin,

    I felt very much like you did reading this passage. Thanks for sharing it with everyone and your SITE LOOKS GREAT!!!!!


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