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Posted in life, politics on April 15, 2008 by Robin Eller

I decided to log on to a site I am a member of to see what was the feedback; because I knew there would be quite a bit written about the Italian elections. All I can say is Mamma MIa! I have never seen such chaos in those posting their opinions of whether it was a good thing or a bad thing that Berlusconi won. First of all I can admit that I am not well-educated in European politics; I do know however that the some of the problems they are having are universal. If you are considered “middle-class” or god forbid anything lower, then the politics are clearly not going to be in your favor. To some people, voting seemed irrelevant and there are many who chose NOT to vote. They don’t think their vote will make a difference OR vote with hope that perhaps this time something will be different. I had to laugh at someone who made a comment about Berlusconi being “pro-American” and there was a bit of “American bashing.” Now what H**** does it really mean to be pro-American?? Is Berlusconi “Pro-American” in what way?? One would have to read the post to understand why I ask what he meant. The same person doing the “America bashing” went to the University of Santa Cruz; which leaves me to the conclusion that America was good enough for him to attend an American University or maybe he just forgot. It was sad to see people from a country that I am very fond of show this “bitter side.” Do they have a right to be upset about who’s in power and what that means to them, their future financially or anything else? Absolutely! However it was strange to see this otherwise friendly site being used as a forum to express anger and insults to each other. It’s the “italian way” to get so passionate about things so hopefully it was just that….”the heat of the moment…”

It’s clearly we have out own political issues in the good old USA with our upcoming election. There was someone on this same site hoping to attract Americans to talk about voting for Hillary or Obama but the majority of responses came from non-Americans. One woman did write and say that she would be happy for either one to win as long as there is not another Bush in the white house. I happen to agree. It’s going to take a few Presidential terms to return America to a semi-respected country amongst other countries.