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Audiobook News..

Posted in books, life, news, updates with tags , , , on June 10, 2014 by Robin Eller

I’m way behind with my audiobook news. Mamma Mia! So much for that agreement with myself to blog more often. Where does the time go?  If someone cares to share their secret regime of daily or weekly or monthly blogging, your suggestions will be most welcomed.  Well, the year still provides me an opportunity to attempt this agreement.

Since June Is Audiobook Month. #audiobookmonth and formerly known as #JIAM (on the Twitter feeds), it’s a great time to post my audiobook news.  Thus far, the year has provided me with some interesting audiobooks to record.  I’ll share a few highlights; however the two books that I would like to share deserve separate posts: First, I was thrilled to have recorded the memoir of six-time Grammy Award-winning artist, Toni Braxton.  The book is called UnBreak My Heart: A Memoir by Toni Braxton (Harper Collins Publishers).  For people who still think the entertainment business comes with no price…well, listening to this book will give one (at least) a better perspective of this artist’s journey.  Looking back on my life as a dancer, it was exciting for me to have “lived my rock star life” and toured with a music legend (James Brown).  As an audiobook narrator, I’ve recorded the story of another renowned artist. #verycool! http://

UnBreak My Heart: A Memoir by Toni Braxton

Narrated by Robin Eller




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Last evening, I felt like I boarded the late freight when I discovered the news.  I came out of my S Factor class feeling incredible bliss. It was interrupted with a voice that told me to turn on my phone and connect back into the outside world. When basking in the after-glow of class,  I try to put off plugging back in to the world so quickly. Despite my initial resistance, I listened to this urge.  It pointed me to the numerous FB postings about Nelson Mandela’s death.  Driving home, there was such heaviness in my heart.

A unique man’s presence, felt worldwide, for so long has left this earth.  He was 94 and had a full life.  This man witnessed so much change in the world over so many decades!  I only hope the younger generations can understand the mark that Nelson Mandela made on the world and if not, they should educate themselves immediately, so they can understand his impact. I feel immense gratitude for this extraordinary and inspiring man. I echo Mohammed Ali’s sentiments “He taught us forgiveness on a grand scale.”

May the world truly aspire to live by Mandela’s example.

Rest in peace Nelson Mandela, your humaneness will never be forgotten.

A favorite of many Mandela quotes.

A favorite of many Nelson Mandela quotes.

Latest Audiobook News

Posted in audiobooks, books, life, the biz, updates, working news with tags on October 10, 2013 by Robin Eller

I was super excited to know that the audiobook I recorded  was released as a major motion picture this month. It’s not often that an audiobook and a movie are released simultaneously.  The audiobook was released a few weeks prior to the movie.  Tee.. Hee!  Viva Gli Audiolibri!! Next week starts the prep for my next audiobook. In the meantime, head over to Tantor Audio to listen to Baggage Claim by David E. Talbert.

My First Audiobook Review

Posted in news, updates with tags , , on July 18, 2013 by Robin Eller

It’s always nice to read a good review. I’m super pleased because it’s my first in Audiofile magazine.  I’m grateful to Oasis Audio for giving me this book to narrate.  I must give credit to my engineer and friend, Zach (Mosaic Audio) for taking the trip with me. Zach is another superhero to me.  Here’s to many more positive reviews on my journey into the world of audiobooks.

My Audiobook Review20120625-164211.jpg
AudioFile audiobook review: LIFE INTERRUPTED By Priscilla Shirer , Read by Robin Ray Eller
Submitting to the order God has in mind for us figures heavily in this sweetly narrated lesson on how to handle interruptions in the ideal life we make for ourselves. The author, who has written other spiritual guides, is a wife, mother, broadcaster, and minister who uses biblical stories, especially that of the prophet Jonah, to show how unexpected setbacks are God’s way of redirecting us toward a destiny that is more suited to our true nature–and His will. Though many of these parables and lessons could drift into sentimentality, Robin Ray Eller’s narration elevates them into the realm of memorable inspiration. Even with her youthful speaking voice, she makes a mature and appealing case for the author’s message. T.W. © AudioFile 2013, Portland, Maine


Spoken Freely (A Special Project)

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Audiobooks Narrators Coming Together

Audiobook Community gives back

Going Public In Shorts

I’m so proud to have been a part of this special project in conjunction with June is Audiobook Month (#JIAM).  The audiobook community found a way to give back and in support of  “Reach Out And Read” – a non-profit organization that advocates for childhood literacy.  This project was also in recognition of  “June Is Audiobook Month” #JIAM. It was truly a pleasure and an honor to be in the company of my esteemed colleagues and friends.

Check out my interview by a lovely Audiobook blogger:    As soon as time permits, look out for me expanding on my adventures in Italia.

FYI: All short stories are still available for download and the proceeds will go to Reach Out and Read. Check out the other narrators when you have time. It’s a great way to show your support for childhood literacy.

Here’s the link:

Although #JIAM has come and gone OR if you’ve never listened to an audiobook… it’s never too late to start.  Perhaps you’ll drop me a note and let me know what you’re listening to.

Working News

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Next month the audiobook that I recorded will be released on Amazon. Wow, this author has a huge following! I hope they all listen to her audiobook. Thank you Oasis Publishing!

Being Creative For A Good Cause

Posted in books, news, people, the biz, updates on January 29, 2010 by Robin Eller

I had to share about this wonderful event that I had the good fortune to participate in. I was one of 24 actors that recorded voices for the Audiobook: Patrick Scott Smokin’ Mysteries. The event was organized by the talented Patrick Fraley along with two equally talented Audiobook Narrators and Directors: Scott Brick and Stefan Rudnicki. This is a multi-cast audiobook project in which we performed and recorded 4 short mysteries along with Pat Fraley and Scott Brick. Some segments were directed by Stefan Rudnicki. These are some well-known talents in the Audiobook World. What a treat!  Because there were 24 actors, we worked on two different days. The book will be packaged, promoted and published (Brick by Brick Publishing) throughout the audiobook industry. All sales are going to the WaveDancer Foundation, a non-profit organization for voice artists with disabilities. It was a great way to spend the day being creative and more importantly, to have had the opportunity to contribute to a good cause.