I’ve been so busy recording books that I haven’t had the chance to share my news. (updates on audiobooks coming)

NEWS: I have a Walmart national commercial that has been running for the past two weeks. I suspect you will see it a lot in the next couple of days because it was themed around Easter (‘Pasqua” in Italian). There could be other versions of the commercial to be shown off season. Fingers crossed.  In the meantime, I’ll continue to sit in gratitude for one of the “avails” turning into a booking in my favor. 🙂  It’s always the luck of the draw.  #GRATEFUL  My friend Lisa caught the spot on NBC, took a still with her phone, then posted this pic on Facebook.  I’m thrilled she took the time to post this because I was not paying attention. Friends are truly a treasure that can never be taken for granted. Click on the title and take a peek at my Walmart TV Spot  GRAZIE!

Easter Surprise..

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