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Posted in life, news with tags , , , on December 6, 2013 by Robin Eller

Last evening, I felt like I boarded the late freight when I discovered the news.  I came out of my S Factor class feeling incredible bliss. It was interrupted with a voice that told me to turn on my phone and connect back into the outside world. When basking in the after-glow of class,  I try to put off plugging back in to the world so quickly. Despite my initial resistance, I listened to this urge.  It pointed me to the numerous FB postings about Nelson Mandela’s death.  Driving home, there was such heaviness in my heart.

A unique man’s presence, felt worldwide, for so long has left this earth.  He was 94 and had a full life.  This man witnessed so much change in the world over so many decades!  I only hope the younger generations can understand the mark that Nelson Mandela made on the world and if not, they should educate themselves immediately, so they can understand his impact. I feel immense gratitude for this extraordinary and inspiring man. I echo Mohammed Ali’s sentiments “He taught us forgiveness on a grand scale.”

May the world truly aspire to live by Mandela’s example.

Rest in peace Nelson Mandela, your humaneness will never be forgotten.

A favorite of many Mandela quotes.

A favorite of many Nelson Mandela quotes.