Although I don’t blog as often as I should, there are moments when I’m itching to write all day, put something out there in the world and see if it resonates with anyone. On the other hand, I would never tend to my other responsibilities.  Today, I was searching to perhaps post something for “Throw Back Thursdays” on Facebook. Instead of a photo that spoke to me, I came across this beautiful poem about friendship.  This poem was given to me on one of the most important days in my life, by one of my best friends. My inner voice whispered rather loudly, “This poem is better suited for my blog… put it here.”

In a recent time of need for emotional support, I have been extremely touched by the generosity of dear friends.  These are my “middle of the night friends” who are near and far.  The comfort of these voices made a huge difference in my day.  In as much as I’d like to think that I’m super woman, I’m not. My friends remind me that they are there for me.. like the song says.. “You just call loud my name…. You’ve got a friend.”

Carissimi Amici: Mi avete toccato il cuore, vi porto nel mio. = My Dearest Friends: You touched my heart, I carry you in mine.  Suffice it to say: it was no accident to have stumbled across this poem today.   #gratitude_4_treasured_friends

Friendship Is…by Robin Cohen

Knowing there is another human being you can trust.

Realizing that someone else wants the best for you.

Sharing the grief times along with the great times.

Being together without needing to pretend.

Forgiving pretenses when they occur.

Cherishing together the joys and traumas of change and growth.

Nourishing one another’s dreams, hopes and decisions along the path.

Loving another person in spite of differences and imperfections.

Sending love even where you are not together or in agreement.

Coming to  your friend’s aid and expecting nothing in return.

Dancing through life together and soaring to new heights.

Taking right up where you left off, even after several years.

Giving freely when appropriate and taking graciously when needed.

Friendships are not instantaneous, they are earned.

Friendships withstand the storms and upheavals of time.

Friends know the difference between image and substance.

Friends bask in the glow of the others triumphs.

Friends will be there when you need them.

Friends are one of life’s greatest gifts.

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