Theme Song Today

What a day!  It was a roller coaster. I’m a sports fan. I am saddened, shocked, disgusted and ashamed at the behavior of the Boston Bruin fans who chose to show the ugly side of their city. This speaks volumes about the number of classless people living in Boston. Yes, I’m from New England and I’ve been to Boston. There is no excuse for racist remarks in Boston or anywhere for that matter. I read that one Twitter user attempted to recant his statement and say, “I’m not racist, it was a joke.”  Really Mr Twitter User?? Why would words motivated by pure malice flow so freely out of your mouth in the first place?? It’s a little late for attempts to crawl out of the very deep hole he has dug for himself. Okay, I’ve vented about it. Bravo to Joel Ward for the classy manner in which he handled this ugly situation. Hey kids and ignorant adults: Once you put something out there in cyberspace, it’s not easy to take back.

This song spoke to me as the theme song of choice. To end a very long day & night here is: Praying For Time by Carrie Underwood.

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  1. agence…

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