Today’s Theme Song: That’s What Friends Are For

When I hated to listen to my own vocal recordings, my wise teacher would say, “Listen for the good things first.”  A day later, I would force myself to listen for the “positive things.”  Then suddenly, the “negative” became less important = more positive = a lesson learned from the experience.

Today I tried to use this advice while helping a friend. My friend is going through a tough time and got lost in the negative aspects of the situation. I tried to help her discover the positive steps in overcoming the obstacle.  There’s nothing like drinking “powerful” and consuming “humble and extraordinary ” from Cafe Gratitude. The best way to end the outing was tasty treats from our favorite vegan bakery. This turned out to be a very positive afternoon with numerous lessons learned! Che splendido!

The road is not always crystal clear these days; however there are so many things to be appreciative of while “living in the gray.”  In the spirit of friendship: Today’s song (which is now yesterday’s song) will be dedicated to my dear friends who send love to me in such special ways.

Traincha “That’s What Friends Are For

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