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Theme Song Today

Posted in life with tags , , , , on April 27, 2012 by Robin Eller

What a day!  It was a roller coaster. I’m a sports fan. I am saddened, shocked, disgusted and ashamed at the behavior of the Boston Bruin fans who chose to show the ugly side of their city. This speaks volumes about the number of classless people living in Boston. Yes, I’m from New England and I’ve been to Boston. There is no excuse for racist remarks in Boston or anywhere for that matter. I read that one Twitter user attempted to recant his statement and say, “I’m not racist, it was a joke.”  Really Mr Twitter User?? Why would words motivated by pure malice flow so freely out of your mouth in the first place?? It’s a little late for attempts to crawl out of the very deep hole he has dug for himself. Okay, I’ve vented about it. Bravo to Joel Ward for the classy manner in which he handled this ugly situation. Hey kids and ignorant adults: Once you put something out there in cyberspace, it’s not easy to take back.

This song spoke to me as the theme song of choice. To end a very long day & night here is: Praying For Time by Carrie Underwood.

New Thoughts New World

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A mantra worth remembering everyday!

Today’s Theme Song: That’s What Friends Are For

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When I hated to listen to my own vocal recordings, my wise teacher would say, “Listen for the good things first.”  A day later, I would force myself to listen for the “positive things.”  Then suddenly, the “negative” became less important = more positive = a lesson learned from the experience.

Today I tried to use this advice while helping a friend. My friend is going through a tough time and got lost in the negative aspects of the situation. I tried to help her discover the positive steps in overcoming the obstacle.  There’s nothing like drinking “powerful” and consuming “humble and extraordinary ” from Cafe Gratitude. The best way to end the outing was tasty treats from our favorite vegan bakery. This turned out to be a very positive afternoon with numerous lessons learned! Che splendido!

The road is not always crystal clear these days; however there are so many things to be appreciative of while “living in the gray.”  In the spirit of friendship: Today’s song (which is now yesterday’s song) will be dedicated to my dear friends who send love to me in such special ways.

Traincha “That’s What Friends Are For

Theme Song to One’s Life

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I found the photo that reiterates the question of my previous post. What theme song would my life be? Pondering… I think I might find one for a daily or weekly inspiration. To be continued…

Task & Focus

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After an amazing Monday. Tuesday is always a day of juggling so many tasks.  Yesterday was about making time for myself and now I’m ready to focus. This is my first post for 2012. No time like the end of April to start.

First and foremost, this photo made me miss Italy.  Secondly, it evoked a question: If my life were a song. What would song would it be at this time of my life?? Hmmm.. I have to pick a good one. To be continued.