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Daily Hip Circles @ 3:33 pm

Posted in life with tags , , , on May 6, 2011 by Robin Eller

My favorite time of the week is Wednesday evening and not because the week is halfway over. The best time is spending two hours with some of the most incredible women I have encountered on the journey of discovering my EC. The journey started three years ago when I had an introduction to my first “S” experience. My life changed after that. It changed because I discovered and experienced what it really meant have time for myself. Now my body feels empty without it. I”m addicted!! What a healthy drug! My “S” time alters my mood completely. The joy that I feel afterward, will carry over for a number of days. And then.. I can’t wait for Wednesday to come around again!! “S” is a sacred time that allows me to turn off my mind, forget about the outside world for two hours and listen to what my body has to say. This time is a reminder for me to do some important things: to love and appreciate myself, make new discoveries about myself and my EC through movement and music. I have come to enjoy having non-verbal conversations and allowing my body tell a story… My own story. I move to whatever song I choose and let my body take me on a journey. It’s exercise but it never feels that way. The body responds to what it likes. The ultimate gifts are the friendships that I’ve made along this journey. These are relationships first formed with the common interest of the “S” experience; but on the way it has become much more. I am surrounded every week by a group of beautiful, intelligent, unique and simply fabulous women. Together with the guidance of our amazing teacher; we have formed a special energy, a sisterhood; in a room that makes us feel safe to let our bodies speak the truth in a way that words just can’t express. It’s a safe place to laugh, cry, encourage, exhale and just BE…. With no judgement whatsoever.

Hip circles are part of the “S” movement vocabulary. A woman’s hips have a lot to say; along with the rest of her body. We’ve decided to take hip circles outside of the four walls that we share on a weekly basis. Thanks to “J” and what she thought was just a random statement; has now turned into a great idea. We set our alarms for 3:33 PM to stop, no matter where we are and do the best hip circle possible. It’s a great feeling! And simply sexy!! For me, it’s a moment to breathe and feel my body in the midst of a chaotic day. It also brings a smile to my face and to each person that has been in my presence when my alarm goes off. Hip Circles @ 3:33 pm daily… JOIN US!