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I’m a part of a unique group of women who have a special gathering every year in December.  This gathering came about as just a celebration of a girlfriend’s birthday but it became more than that. During this gathering, we have the most precious experiences of sharing wisdom, support, perseverance, creativity, friendship and love. It is always an honor to be amongst so many, talented, intelligent and inspiring women. One of  the women in our group wrote this beautiful poem that brought us all to tears. I’ve read it on numerous occasions and it still brings me to tears.  I promised myself that I would put this on my blog… just because.
IF HEAVEN WAS NOW  by Melanie Taylor
If heaven was now
we’d believe without seeing
we’d step out and not question
we’d know without knowing
have faith and not fear
we’d leap with abandon
we’d give without expectation
we’d fight or we’d flight but
we’d risk without hesitation
we’d forgive without bitterness
we’d share joy without hating 

we’d love unconditionally
we’d listen without judgement
we’d be right without arrogance
and be wrong with humility
we’d encourage without reciprocation
and acquiesce without compromise
we’d give without receiving
we’d endure without complaint
we’d wed beyond gender
and dream without sleeping
if heaven was now

we’d sing uncontrollably
we’d dance without caring
we’d be grateful for everything
we’d live without consequence
we’d climb mountains without stopping
and walk valleys finding value
we’d share without finding fault
we’d be charmed by our differences
and smile without thinking
we’d stand up with conviction
we’d speak out without reprisal
we’d believe without question
and hope beyond hoping
if heaven was now

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  1. Lovely poem there..

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