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I don’t think March Madness is just for the NCAA basketball tournament. It seems to be the state of the world right now. We’ve had so much upheaval in the world. The Tsunami in Japan, the restlessness in the Middle East are really putting things in perspective.  I went to sleep knowing about the earthquake in Japan but not about the tsunami. At 5 AM I get a call  from my Mom on the East Coast. She informed me at 5 AM that the Tsunami was going to arrive in L.A. After  breathing with a sigh of relieve that this was  not at 5 AM call to say that someone had died…. I reminded Mother that I no longer lived close the the beach.. It’s hard to fall back asleep after those 5 am calls. I started to do a mental inventory of the earthquake kit. Mom’s wakeup call did remind me of some things that I needed to replace. Thanks Mom!

With all the chaos, it’s also bringing a lot of reminders of how precious life is. There are a number of people dealing with illness, loss and death. I am a believer of sending positive energy into the universe. They say “it takes a village “, here’s to the positive energy overpowering all of the chaos.  Nameste!

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