My First Muay Thai Boxing Experience

High kick and block

A high kick and block

Yesterday I went to my first Mauy Thai Boxing Event. My BFF and her husband own a Gym/Muay Thai Boxing School (At1Fitness/Muay Thai School, USA) The husband is a former Mauy Thai Boxing champion from Thailand. I never knew there was such a following for this sport. There were almost 1200 people at this Event. The entrance each boxer made was quite similar to the entrances that the traditional boxers make. I’ve never been to live boxing event but have seen enough of it on TV. These fighters don’t do all the “grand standing” that some of the boxers do; however they have their favorite songs (Eminem, Jay Z, Tupac, etc) to energize them while they walk to the ring. There’s a ritual or preparation that the professionals do before they fight in which they go around the ring and touch each corner in a certain way. the middle of the ring fighter goes down on his knees which appears almost as if they are praying with the gestures they make to the sky but then there is a choreography with the arms. They get up and have another movement that they do which also appears choreographed. I’m going to have to ask the experts more about it. This takes around 5-10 more minutes to complete before they get the rules from the referee, touch gloves and come out fighting. Now that was familiar. Throughout the “preparation” there is Thai music playing in the back round that sounds quite primitive. I loved it!! This music was played during the entire fight.  The amateurs fight 3 rounds and the pros fight 5 rounds. We saw a few knockouts and which of course made me nervous for the well being of the fighter that went down. There is always a doctor nearby. If the fighter is knocked down real hard, he doesn’t stay in the ring  when they announce the winner. I’m certain the fighter is taken somewhere to get a better examination. I’m so impressed with the strength the pros have to execute these high kicks to the body without losing their balance. In some instances, one would think that the fighter would fall off balance. This one pro-fighter from Thailand had some amazing moves. He was declared the winner and took the belt from the other fighter. I appreciate the respect that each fighter demonstrates for his opponent especially after the match. They bow to each other and to the support team of their opponent. A word used so often in martial arts that I have always appreciated: Respect. If only all people would stop to use just a bit of that human kindness in their daily lives; the world just might be filled with less hate. Okay, I digress. The Muay Thai Event was quite educational and I look forward to going back again.

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