Finding Calm in Chaos recommends: Find Calm in Chaos

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A dear friend sent this to me today. It arrived in her email box after we exchanged emails about balance in our lives. Talk about the universe speaking to you. It felt fitting to place this on my blog as a reminder to myself to find the “calm even in chaos.”

Find Calm in Chaos
Posted By Jane Powell –

“Take care of you!”

If you live inside an out-of-control schedule, like trying to cram three days of work into one, the personal toll is high. Undoubtedly, your stress levels are high and you feel overwhelmed.

It’s okay to slow down and pace yourself. The truth is you’ll accomplish more if you set a reasonable pace; one that you can maintain for the long run.

Don’t forget to schedule time to relax and refresh your body, soul, and spirit. Dinner with friends, a long walk or even a relaxing bubble bath will do wonders in letting go and grounding yourself.

You deserve balance in your life. It’s up to you to make it happen.

©Jane Powell – Meditations for Women
Today’s Affirmation: I have a balanced life.

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