Super Bowl Sunday

Being a sports fan, I’ll hang out today and watch the Super Bowl. Sadly, I have never been emotionally attached to any team. I do have a friend who is a “die-hard” SAINTS fan, so I’m sure my friend would like me to cheer for them. I have never seen anyone cry like my friend “D” when the the Saints lose and how insane “D” can be when they win. Needless to say my friend “D” is on cloud nine and cried when the SAINTS won the game to get to the Super Bowl. “D” recently moved back to New Orleans and is really excited about the game today. The week of the final play off game, “D” called and said that city of New Orleans was already celebrating 24 hours before the game. “D” said the whole city was drunk. LOL! After all the turmoil New Orleans has suffered, there is something special about the Super Bowl for them. However, I have to confess that rooting for the Colts because I’d like to see Peyton Manning win another Super Bowl. “D” will just have to forgive me. Besides, there’s always next year.

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