HAPPY 2010!

It’s already mid January. Yipes!! The time is flying by.  Never thought I would be quoting my mother on that one.

I remain optimistic for the New Year in spite of the challenges that carry over from last year. I left the year in a positive note.

In the Buddhist religion it is said: There is always chaos before something great happens.  Also the faith that if something is considered poisonous, then we can change it into medicine.

Here’s to a Happy and Healthier 2010!!

One Response to “HAPPY 2010!”

  1. Hello Robin,
    I came across your business card, and wanted to send
    a note of all good wishes for your New Year.
    I had met you briefly in London, Heathrow, on the bus tram.
    I was heading to Rome, and I think you were on your way
    to Santa Monica, California.

    I hope everything is very well with you.

    I have an upcoming art exhibition in Palm Springs, California.
    Palm Springs Modernism Week, February 12-21, 2010.
    Looking forward to my art reception.
    Warm regards,
    Kathryn Henneman

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