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Being Creative For A Good Cause

Posted in books, news, people, the biz, updates on January 29, 2010 by Robin Eller

I had to share about this wonderful event that I had the good fortune to participate in. I was one of 24 actors that recorded voices for the Audiobook: Patrick Scott Smokin’ Mysteries. The event was organized by the talented Patrick Fraley along with two equally talented Audiobook Narrators and Directors: Scott Brick and Stefan Rudnicki. This is a multi-cast audiobook project in which we performed and recorded 4 short mysteries along with Pat Fraley and Scott Brick. Some segments were directed by Stefan Rudnicki. These are some well-known talents in the Audiobook World. What a treat!  Because there were 24 actors, we worked on two different days. The book will be packaged, promoted and published (Brick by Brick Publishing) throughout the audiobook industry. All sales are going to the WaveDancer Foundation, a non-profit organization for voice artists with disabilities. It was a great way to spend the day being creative and more importantly, to have had the opportunity to contribute to a good cause.

More Working News

Posted in friends, news, people, updates on January 19, 2010 by Robin Eller

In December of last year I worked on short film called “My Life In The Ocean.” I played a mother with two sons in the early 1960’s with a lot of emotional turmoil. It was a nice opportunity to see if all the training I had done was worth the money… HA! I couldn’t have asked for a nicer cast to work with. I look forward to seeing the film completed. Let’s keep good thoughts that this film will bring other opportunities to everyone involved.

Here are some photos from the production:

HAPPY 2010!

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It’s already mid January. Yipes!! The time is flying by.  Never thought I would be quoting my mother on that one.

I remain optimistic for the New Year in spite of the challenges that carry over from last year. I left the year in a positive note.

In the Buddhist religion it is said: There is always chaos before something great happens.  Also the faith that if something is considered poisonous, then we can change it into medicine.

Here’s to a Happy and Healthier 2010!!