Viva Las Vegas??

I had a little vacation in Vegas for just 3 days at the Bellagio Hotel. (Photo: Flower garden at the Bellagio) I haven’t been to Las Vegas since 4 years ago. Come va il tempo! (how time flies). Since then, they’ve built the Wynn Hotel, redone the Palms, remodeled the MGM and have started a project in construction that will cost at least 90 billion. Those are just some of the things I noticed and I know there is a lot more. No offense to any Vegas residents or Vegas Lovers but who wants to live in the desert?? Okay,not me…..BUT…Clearly a lot of people do. This new project in Vegas is about building a city within a city. There will be condominiums and more hotels right on the strip. I have a feeling they may have to make cars obsolete in order to get around just the strip at full capacity. These new “homes” will have schools for children within their communities. Perhaps I’m prejudging this; but it appears to be creating an isolated community on the strip. Why?? Clearly the financial reasons are obvious. Will the children take field trips to the casinos to learn their math?? I met a number of people who had just moved to Vegas from another state. Some were older and they wanted to be closer to their kids and grandkids; while others just wanted a change in their life. Well, Vegas would definitely be a change to say the least. I can see this creates potential job opportunities with the building of so many new hotels and casinos. I do have friends who share this same passion for the desert. According to them, with the right job and if one stays away from the casinos; one could earn a decent living.

The fun thing about Vegas is that one can really get a real sense of various types of people that really exist in America. Everyone from across the whole US come to Vegas. I love to “people watch.” Living in Los Angeles, one tends to frequent their choice of stores, restaurants and socialize in certain area. It’s easy to categorize the area that people are from in Los Angeles by the way they dress. One can tell the people from Beverly Hills, from Brentwood, from Santa Monica and Venice area in particular by the way the women dress. It’s also nice to see that the “average size woman” does exist in other parts of America and they’re NOT a size 0 or 2. Okay, I’m a size 6 but I do I have curves. Yeah me!! A lot of the women I saw in Vegas appeared to feel confident even in the clothing they wore; even if they really had no business wearing a particular outfit. But it’s Vegas so…Anything goes!! I suppose… I like the fact that these women had a vibe of being very comfortable in who they were.

Another fact about Vegas: People actually eat in Vegas. Okay, maybe too much for my taste. I noticed the long lines for the buffets. The thought of a buffet does something to me. It makes me feel full. I get full just looking at all of that food. I have never been able to really enjoy buffets so I don’t bother. I do remember enjoying a buffet at the Four Seasons in Santa Barbara. Give me a menu where I can enjoy what I want and that’s it. In L.A. most women are too busy doing the “closet binge and purge” in fear of being seen eating “too much.” In Vegas, it doesn’t seem to be problem. I remember seeing this attractive blonde sitting at a table next to mine and she ate every bit of her grilled cheese sandwich with a nice size bowl of tomato soup. Before the main course she even ate her share of pork dumplings with her husband. I settled for the grilled vegetable pita but I surely ate some dessert later that night. After all, I couldn’t resist a chocolate cake made with the Italian’s version of peanut butter called Nutella?? Che buona!!!

In spite of the constant building in Vegas, the good restaurants and my enjoyment of the spa, I much prefer being outdoors. We walked a mile outside to go from the Bellagio Hotel to the Wynn Hotel. It was a welcomed change from the a/c. Give me the outdoors any day! Give me Filicudi any day!! I actually longed for the smog in L.A. after 3 days of breathing in 2nd hand smoke and smelling more perfume than I cared to smell in elevators. I thought one wore the perfume not the other way around.

Not sure if I’ll be running back to Vegas anytime in the next month but it was enjoyable in spite of the air conditioning. If the right job came along, well I could be whistling another tune about Vegas. If a friend visited from out of town then of course I’d go back. In terms of living, my first choice would be Italy but for now I’ll take the frustrations of Los Angeles. At least I can drive down to the beach to take in the ocean and clear out my smoke filled mind.

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