Monday blues

The heat has arrived and it’s time for the beach. FA CALDO!! I actually think I could stand a little color. Why would “I” need to tan?? Well one of my reasons is when I took a photo and was standing next to a friend of mine from Columbia and he was darker than me.

I took my dog out at midnight last night and it was so hot. The weather for some reason reminded me of Filicudi. Oh, I got so sad. This will be the 2nd year that I’m not going over to Sicily in the summer. I’m going to hold off until the Fall again. If I want to explore the “work” scene, then I’ll need to wait for people to come back from summer vacation to do business. If I try and contact people too soon as my Italian sister says, they will forget. Italian people don’t plan too far in advance. The fact that I’m even thinking about the Fall when the summer hasn’t technically started would be considered too soon by Italian standards.

I’ll get back to Filicudi one of these days…it would be too sad to think otherwise.

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