Good Book…

I’m getting such a kick out of the book my girlfriend gave me. Whenever one of the ladies came back from Italy, they would bring back an Italian novel for me to read to challenge myself. I would be so excited!! The ladies considered me the more experienced “Italian speaker” in our group of four women. Our group is empty now with the move of one of our members to the beloved country that brought us together as friends.

The friend that gave me this book just moved to Rome. Beata lei!! (lucky her!) She always inspired me with her writing skills and continues to inspire me just by who she is. In fact, she’s the reason I “blog on and off. ” She’s the reason I “blogged” on again because this is another way of getting an update on her adventures in Roma. Regarding writing a blog: I’m an intelligent person. People writing a blog is a great idea for people to catch up on other’s news and a way to discover other people’s interests. I get the “idea” of writing a blog however, I’m not sure if there are any rules. I ask myself? What do I have to write about?? Of course I’m probably investing too much in the thinking part and not enough in just writing. I still haven’t made it a “way of life” for me yet since I’m don’t consider myself a writer. Again, I am inspired by my friend to at least give it a go once more.

This book “No Sex In The City” will be the first I I have completed in Italian and with total comprehension. I definitely need to enjoy the writing style of the author even more in another language to keep my interest. I made an attempt at reading an Italian best seller called “Va’ Dove Ti Porta Il Tuo Cuore” by Susanna Tamaro. My Italian sister told me I could handle it. Clearly I overestimated myself. At the time I had yet to learn the subjunctive verb tense in Italian. Otherwise known as “il congiuntivo.” It was tough without the comprehension and I lost interest. As time went on I learned the verb tense and once I finish this book, I’ll go back and revisit that book. I do remember the story being sad, so one has to be in a good place to indulge the time into a sad story. I know I do because I like to get lost in the book. I remember my friend’s comment after her watching the film “La Vie En Rose..” She said, “I watched that movie and it could make someone want to jump out of a window…” I thought this comment was so funny!! Okay, maybe I have a sick sense of humor. The film wasn’t funny but I remember laughing really hard before I inserted the DVD into the player.

I don’t have to be good mood when I pick it up up this book. It’s quite entertaining especially because my knowledge of the Italian culture. I just wish I wasn’t so busy these days because I want to finish it. After all, I started it back in November on my trip to Italy. Funny, I am revisiting the book and writing again a blog. Thanks caribbean/ragazza!! I am enjoying reading ” No Sex In The City” the story of an Italian man experiencing romance in the Big Apple. The book is not the male version of the HBO TV series “Sex In The City.” In fact, I never read the book by Candace Bushnell. However, I do have a group of friends who are planning our outing for the movie coming out in May. This book is about an Italian man’s perspective on relationships with American women as well as his daily life experiences while living in NY.

I remember reading this book on the train going from Milano to Roma. I was sitting across from this handsome Italian man and we were the only two people in our “posto” He wore his sunglasses for the entire trip so I never got to really see his eyes. I can tell a lot about a person by their eyes. However the features that were exposed I have to admit…. were gorgeous. On the train, there seemed to be a period where I kept laughing out loud at some provocative moments in the book. I could feel the man looking at me each time I laughed and I just couldn’t help laughing out loud….not too loud… but these excerpts where hysterical. In my mind I had this wonderful inside joke and he wanted to know. Well if he really wanted to know, then he would have to ask me. He had his secret behind the glasses and I had mine with my book. Of course he might’ve thought other things about a woman on the train reading a book in Italy of all places and it’s entitled “No Sex In The City.” There were moments when I felt compelled to ask him, “do you use these lines on Italian women? Or have you ever tried this..??” Naturally I would be quoting something from the book. Probably not the best talk to have in Italian with a complete stranger. But then again it could’ve made an interesting train ride.

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  1. nyc/caribbean ragazza Says:

    Ciao bella donna. I’m glad you liked the book. Maybe in a few years I will be fluent enough that I can read it as well. Boh!

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