Trying to hang again…

I thought I could be a good blogger. NOT!! Haven’t written on this since March maybe? Oh my! Maybe it’s an insecurity that my life is not worth sharing. Hmmm. Rule number one of writing and comedians I think: Don’t judge your own material.
I can see why people write blogs but I haven’t decided if it’s for me. On one hand, what a great way to express thyself. I have to admit ny/carribean ragazza and soon to be Expat friend has kept me so entertained along with in touch with what’s going on with her. What a gift!!

So now that I’ve awaken from my long winter, spring and summer nap, perhaps I can give this another go. So here’s another attempt to see if I can become a better blogger. If at first you don’t succeed…etc. Not sure where that came from but I digress.

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