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Vado in Italia!!

Posted in updates on October 28, 2007 by Robin Eller

I’m leaving for Italia in a few days. YEAH!! Okay, I’m excited finally. The list is getting shorter. My friend Paolo has sent me a text of his last minute requests of R & B music to get for him at Amoeba. Lucky for him it’s only 4 CD’s. Naturally it’s “old school” R & B to add to his amazing collection. In Italy it appears to be very difficult to find “old school” music. At least the stuff Paolo likes. The days were moving slow but last week was a blur. I’ll be on the plane on Thursday. NON VEDO L’ORA!! I’m crossing my fingers for the “business” part of this trip to come together because it would an opportunity to go back to Italy again and work in my profession. Now that would be dream come true. I still believe dreams can come true.

Saturday’s here and gone….

Posted in updates on October 21, 2007 by Robin Eller

Funny how one thinks they have all the time in the world on the weekend. And poof! It’s over. I really thought I’d get so much done today for my trip. Well, I got a few things done. I even had time to run another errand and go to the gym for a half hour (half hour is better than nothing). All this before dinner.

Dinner was at a favorite mexican restaurant Tlapazola. Great Oaxacan food at this place but I can’t stand the parking. It’s located in a little strip mall. Parking is always tricky because there is the 5pm dinner crowd (the senior citizens) which clearly need some time to get to their car and then there is the crowd going for Japanese/Korean or just sushi or the pizza delivery place is there too. We tried to park in the lot but without success and always an adventure. A woman in front of us couldn’t figure out where she wanted to park her SUV. She had her signal on for one spot and then she decides she wants to take the other spot we were heading for. As our car is backing up, this elderly man with a patch on his eye and a cane gets out of the car and proceeds to claim the parking spot we’re heading for. Can we say subtle? If the spot means that much then I say, “please take it.” The irony was after we proceeded to park across the street. This woman driving the SUV, didn’t take ANY of the spots. She drives away. NON CREDO! I still don’t know what the big deal was. Fortunately, the margarita became way more important than the idiot drivers in L.A. A wonderful evening with an old and dear friend was perfect.

I never realized how much my friend loved Italy as much as I do. His favorite spot is Venice in the winter and he’s never been south of Rome. He’s not a big fan of Rome because it’s “too big.” If he hadn’t told me about Venice first, then I would’ve categorized him with many Americans who love Florence and Tuscany. I will also forgive him for never having been South of Roma. Boy is he missing out. Clearly it has taken me yet another week to post this blog. This Saturday is already next Saturday and on to Sunday. Here and gone….

Vado in Italia!!

Posted in updates on October 19, 2007 by Robin Eller

Well my luck is changing because off I go to Italy next month. Non vedo l’ora!! (I can’t wait). The best part is that I am going to celebrate the birthday of my Italian mamma. She’s going to be 81 yrs old. What an amazing woman.
I have no idea how I’m going to see everyone but right now that’s irrelevant. I’m going to Bella Italia! Yahoo!! This is the first time in fact : I realize as I write this that I have even got remotely excited. It hit me today that I’m leaving two weeks from today. I’m going to Milano and over to visit friends in Torino and then down to Roma where I will stay until my return. Mamma Mia ci sono tante cose da fare!! (there are a lot of things to do) I didn’t dare get excited before because the trip seemed too far away to think at the time I bought the ticket. Naturally everything seems to come up all at once and I’m sure a job or two will too. My friends tell me to remember how short life is and to live it to the fullest because tomorrow is not promised. Italy here I come!!

Missing Italy

Posted in updates on October 19, 2007 by Robin Eller

Boy do I have a “Jones” for Italy. I can’t believe I haven’t been there in over a year. No wonder I feel empty inside. There’s something about this beautiful country that feeds my soul. Not going the usual time in August left me in a bit of a funk. At first I thought, ” there is no way I can survive August in L.A.” I really felt like an alien in my own country. I can’t even remember August for the first time in 4 years. I know I more or less immersed myself in projects that would as least occupy my time with thoughts away from Italy. I would receive txt messages from my Italian friends on the island. They were kind enough to tell me how much they missed me. It was nice of them to keep me in their thoughts. I know they were having a blast! My Italian sister had a good time but left out the details so I wouldn’t feel bad. When people asked me about my summer. My response was “What summer?” The sad thing was I didn’t even step my toe into the Santa Monica ocean summer. In spite of the distance and the disappointing summer, I do feel connected with my Italian friends from this side of the world. Gotta pull that boot closer or at least create more opportunities to cross the ocean.

Trying to hang again…

Posted in updates on October 18, 2007 by Robin Eller

I thought I could be a good blogger. NOT!! Haven’t written on this since March maybe? Oh my! Maybe it’s an insecurity that my life is not worth sharing. Hmmm. Rule number one of writing and comedians I think: Don’t judge your own material.
I can see why people write blogs but I haven’t decided if it’s for me. On one hand, what a great way to express thyself. I have to admit ny/carribean ragazza and soon to be Expat friend has kept me so entertained along with in touch with what’s going on with her. What a gift!!

So now that I’ve awaken from my long winter, spring and summer nap, perhaps I can give this another go. So here’s another attempt to see if I can become a better blogger. If at first you don’t succeed…etc. Not sure where that came from but I digress.